Change in Plan

I started a new job. Yay! I need to learn some different things. Yay? Ah, it is all good. I am having fun. However, the Haskell Book Club is going dormant for the time being.

In it’s place I will be doing an algorithms study, using Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithms (4ed). I have already created a Mastering Algorthms github project.

At the same time, I will be learning Angular and JavaScript / Typescript / ECMAScript. I have already completed a Pluralsight Course (through work) Angular: Getting Started.

Back to Algorithms, I spent an unexpectedly long time on ex 1.27. The idea was to convert recursive binomial probability calculation to recursive w/cached sub problems (in functional terms, memoization). I think I finally got it, but it was weird working through it. Pity I didn’t get further in Haskell / FP.

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