Project Creation IFPuH

I added source, test and build info to kholvoet/funcprog-haskell.

I believe it is the first project I have created on GitHub with any kind of forethought (I searched for outlines and sample projects). In this case, I have a “Hello Haskell” program, and a trivial HUnit unit test file.

I am not quite sure how much of the deep reading of the book will be in the ghci interpreter, the app or the HUnit tests. I expect I will be using the HUnit both as test driven development (TDD) and a way to capture what I am thinking about. And prototyping in the ghci interpreter, only putting things in the app or library module as I move on.

I haven’t decided yet how many modules to create. I am tempted to do one per chapter, but that may be an unnatural partition. I will start with one, and see when / if I get the intuition that I should break things up.